"The MicroSilver line from CNC Cosmetic offers perfect first aid for such cases."

Barbara Hackl
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First Aid MicroSilver

The MicroSilver Face Wash is not only recommended for cleaning during and after an acute infection, but also as a tried and tested remedy against maskne. In addition, the Face & Body Spray for the reliable sterilization of germs of all kinds (bacteria, viruses and even fungi). As a supplement to the care routine, the feel-good factor is added with the Cream Mask to calm redness and irritation.

"Since the lips often suffer from the unnatural climate under the mask, the MicroSilver Lip Balm helps as a solution, which kills bacteria and germs, but is also very caring, fragrant and pleasant to apply."

Barbara Hackl

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Positive skin feeling

If you can feel comfortable in your own skin again, the positive feeling on the skin has been proven and comprehensively contributes to a faster and holistic recovery. In addition, the certified and award-winning products of the MicroSilver line not only contribute to a fully functional microorganism on our skin, but also to the defense against many other germs.