Our skin is influenced by many influences day and night and does a great deal in the area of ​​regeneration and protection. There is no question that the signs of the times do not stop here either, the facial contours lose shape and firmness and the complexion no longer appears as even.

What is Mesoporation?

Mesoporation is currently the most innovative and effective method in the field of aesthetic cosmetics for transporting active ingredients into deeper skin layers without damaging them.

How does it work?

The method is as simple as it is ingenious:
A voltage field generated by electrical impulses can open tiny channels in the skin for fractions of a second, allowing active ingredients can be introduced into the skin. Sensational and sustainable results can be seen and felt after the first treatment. The treatment is painless and there is no downtime due to haematoma, redness or swelling expected.

What advantages does Mesoporation have?

· reduction of wrinkles and lines
· smoothing and rejuvenation of the skin‘s appearance
· increase of skin volume
· reduction of couperose
· reduction of skin impurities
· reduction of hyperpigmentation

How can I support the treatment?

As mesoporation is a highly effective and intensive dermaceutical treatment method, it requires optimal home care. The skin needs a lot of moisture and protection. The specially adapted system care products optimise the treatment success and should be used regularly at home after the treatment.

How many treatments are necessary?

The first visible results are already visible after the first treatment. To achieve lasting skin improvement, at least 6 treatments at weekly intervals are recommended. Depending on the condition of the skin, further apparative applications can also be successfully combined.

“A gentle and painless alternative to mesotherapy with needles. The method is simple and at the same time brilliant.”

Renate Wanko, Trainer CNC Cosmetic