Sunbathing for hours is an absolute NO GO these days. It damages the skin and we lack the patience for it. We'd much rather look good and tanned within minutes! In short: we want a glamorous look quickly and directly.
MARC INBANE products offer the solution. Within minutes, your skin will have a beautiful, deep, natural complexion that's indistinguishable from a real summery complexion.

Pure & natural

Not only the result counts, but also the quality.
The self-tanning products from MARC INBANE not only give you a healthy feeling, but are also healthy for your body and for the world? All products are based on pure and natural ingredients (without preservatives and microplastics), dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free and vegan. Feels good!

“More and more people are switching from the sun to self-tanning. This makes sense, because sunshine is beautiful, but it has a major impact on the skin."

Ingrid Schachner

For Him & Her

With MARC INBANE you can quickly and easily create a naturally smooth-tanned complexion.
No hassle, mess, orange spots or stripes. It is really possible!
For a radiant and smooth end result, you always start by cleansing the skin so that all traces of makeup, perfume, oil and deodorant disappear. Then apply the spray to the skin with a spray distance of approximately 30 centimeters. Spray with quick short movements. Do not make a slow "S" movement. Drying time 10-15 minutes. This can be accelerated with the help of a hair dryer.
Natural Tanning Spray

Extra Tips

A richly hydrating and award-winning facial scrub that gives the skin an enlightening boost and makes it shine. After cleansing the face, apply a small amount of scrub to damp the skin. Rub the fingertips in small, circular movements, paying extra attention to the T-zone. Rinse with water.

Apply the tanning product on the entire surface of the Glove. Spread with soft and smooth movements over the skin for an ultimate distribution. The result is a beautifully even-tanned complexion.

It is also possible to spray the tanning product directly onto the hairs of the brush. Drain off the excess liquid on a tissue. Then move the Brush over the skin in fast and smooth movements for a uniform tan.

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Perle de Soleil

MARC INBANE’s perle de soleil is the perfect customized solution for self-tanning.
Clean the skin before using it. Activate the dosing system by turning on the bottom. Mix the tanning drops with the usual amount of care cream in the palm. Apply the cream to the desired skin zones.

Mix the tanning drops with La Hydratan or Le Teint. Apply the cream to the desired skin zones. Start from the T-zone and then work towards the neck and the hairline. Use the fingertips to apply the cream around the eyes.
Perle de Soleil

scrub in advance?

Using the Black Exfoliator before the tan spray smoothes out unevenness and rejuvenates the corneous layer, resulting in a longer retention of the tan.
After using the scrub, the skin is optimally cleansed and hydrated and the complexion shines again. Use the scrub at least one day before the tanning product. Scrub preferably 1 to 3 times a week.

Use on damp skin in combination with your favorite bath or shower products and make gentle circular movements. If desired, apply additional pressure to the areas where built-up self-tanner residue is visible.

The natural alternative to harmful UV radiation

La Mousse

The luxurious, lightweight tanning mousse from MARC INBANE is particularly recommended for the body.
For a radiant and smooth end result, always start by cleansing the skin so that all traces of makeup, perfume, oil and deodorant disappear.
Apply La Mousse preferably with the Glove, this handy tool ensures a perfect and even result, without spots and streaks. This tool also helps to tan areas that are difficult to reach, such as the back of arms and legs.
Spread with soft and smooth movements over the skin for an ultimate distribution. Allow the product to dry for another 10 to 15 minutes (or faster using a hair dryer)

"Orange skin and hair? No way. Our products do not affect hair, eyebrows, eyelashes or beard."

Petra Schönet


You can go well in the sun with a self-tanner.
A tanning product only has an effect on the upper skin layer with dead skin cells: these disappear from your skin after a few days and so your complexion also disappears. A self-tanner has no influence on your pigment, while the natural tanning process in the sun does. This allows you to combine a self-tanner and the sun perfectly. Always make sure you have a good sun factor when you go into the sun, because a self-tanner does not protect you against the sun.