Make Up & Sports

Doing sports? Sure, of course! From now on you can go out into nature, into the swimming pool, onto your bike! We dealt in detail with the question if make-up is suitable for sports. Being active without make-up? Or at least look pretty while running out of breath?

Sports without make-up?

Without us! Of course, we don't want to exhaust ourselves while doing sports. It doesn't feel good, nor do we do anything good for our complexion. Because when we sweat, it's like a kind of detox for our skin, say dermatologists. The pores open, dirt and sebum are flushed out. But we don't feel like the complete topless look either. What to do?

Step 1

The right skincare before make-up

Before doing sports make-up, you should apply a light care cream. Perfect for athletes is skin care that is quickly absorbed, non-greasy and forms a good basis for long-lasting make-up. MicroSilver products do not clog the pores and allow sweat and sebum to drain off well, they also have an anti-inflammatory effect and strengthen the skin barrier.

Step 2

Apply light foundation

City Defense, the latest BB technology, is a real all-rounder and protects against the effects of fine dust and the sun's rays (SPF 25). For a flawless complexion. The color-clone technology melts into a fine soft-focus powder, as soon as it comes into contact with the skin the color adapts to the skin tone and gives a natural matte shine. This foundation offers soft, modular coverage and is extremely easy to apply. It gives the skin an incredibly fresh and light feeling.

"By the way, the best way to find the right tone is when the skin is well supplied with blood."

Wolfgang Gusner, Trainer

Step 3

Water-resistant eye make-up

Semi-permanent products such as eyebrow powder, kajal and mascara are heat, water and sweat resistant.

Step 4

Lip Care

Particular attention should be paid to protecting the lips - nourishing, strengthening lip balm with sun protection (SPF 25) and natural color pigments - perfectly accentuates your own lip color - rosé, macaron, papaya and cherry.

Step 5

After Care

Mild wash gel with MicroSilver – cleans antibacterial and strengthens the skin barrier.
Since the skin loses a lot of moisture during sport through sweating, make sure to drink enough after sport and apply a hydrating care product.
Use a deep-cleansing, enzymatic peeling once a week to keep the horny layer compact and receptive and replenish moisture depots with an overnight mask.