The CAVE Extrait de parfum collection is a little gem in the panorama of international selective perfumery.
All creations are expertly handcrafted in Italy, where they are left to rest for months in caves dug out of the tuff before being packaged. This special maturation process gives a unique and unmistakable character, as well as the name to the entire line.
All selected essences and their unique properties evoke the different types of caves that occur in nature due to different rocks, materials and vegetation. Each creation reflects the taste and elegance of Italian products. Between 30 and 70 essential oils are blended together to bring the sensory creations to life. The maceration phase takes place at a constant temperature of 15°C in natural limestone caves. The perfumes are then filtered slowly and with the utmost care, and each bottle is filled by hand. The spray attachments are attached and sealed. In the traditional way, the flacons are cleaned with cotton gloves and the labels are applied to the glass by hand. Now the perfume has a name... just waiting to touch your skin and tell its story.

"The perfection of stone translated into olfactory accents."

Fabrizio D'Andrea

„Empfohlene Hautstellen für das Parfum sind die Innenseiten der Handgelenke, die Ellenbogeninnenseiten und im Sommer die Kniekehlen für einen leichten Duft.“

Ingrid Schachner

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