Jessica Natural Nail System

All JESSICA colour is 7-Free: No Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, DBP, Camphor, Xylene or Ethyl Tosylamide.
All natural, semi-permanent or permanent? JESSICA Cosmetics has been shaping the professional nail care industry for years. Founder and CEO Jessica Vartoughian was the first to recognize that no two nails are the same and that there are different types of nails.

Custom Nail Colour

Natural nail care ✺ Jessica method ✺ lasts up to 14 days


Semi-permanent ✺ without damage ✺ no peeling ✺ lasts up to 3 weeks


Dries quickly in natural light ✺ gel-like shine ✺ lasts up to 10 days ✺ perfect for pedicure

Natural Nail Care

Gorgeous colour starts with the right foundation. Jessica taught that nails require a studied approach, like a facialist might care for the skin.
Exclusively Formulated to the highest industry standards, JESSICA polish stays on. Rich and smooth, with an extraordinary depth of colour in over 250 classic and trend-setting shades, and a variety of finishes in Creme, Frost, Glitter, High Shine, Metallic, Matte, Opalescent, and Sheer.

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Phenom is a phenomenal evolution in polish technology. It's fast, it lasts, and it shines.
Exclusively formulated for salon professionals, the 3-Step Phenom Polish System delivers fast-drying in natural light, chip resistant, gel like shine that last up to 10 days, and removes easily like polish. No LED/UV lamps are needed. JESSICA's custom Base coats are exclusively formulated to work flawlessly with the Phenom system.

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Does the nail color have to withstand more intensive use and is longer durability desired?
GELeration is a synergistic line of professional products developed to deliver optimal results that last for 3 to 4 weeks. The GELeration System meets JESSICA's high quality standards to care for the health and growth of natural nails, with ease of application and removal.
Regelmäßige Verwendung von Phenomen Oil Nagelöl und Nourish Nagelhautcreme gleichen mit wertvollen natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen die Defizite in der Nagelplatte aus.
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Awaken and renew your senses with a ZenSpa pedicure.
Begin your ZenSpa journey with an exclusive array of personalized foot treatments that will inspire your mind, body and soul. This state-of-the-art pedicure system cleanses and exfoliates dry, dull skin cells and rejuvenates skin to a healthier, softer condition.
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Long before nail salons were found on every corner, there was Jessica Vartoughian, the woman who would become known as The First Lady of Nails.
In 1969, Jessica opened the first-ever nails-only salon in Beverly Hills and revolutionised nail care with a technique that was ahead of its time. Setting the standard in natural nail care, Jessica is considered the foremost authority on cultivating beautiful natural nails, an achievement reflected in the extensive line of popular nail care products and beautiful on-trend colours that care for the nail. Women have flocked to Jessica’s salon ever since and her manicure table has hosted a VIP list of actresses, socialites and even a First Lady.


1969 – Opened the first Nails only salon in the world, calling it a “Clinic“ and her manicurists and pedicurists “Nail Cultivists”. Was the first to use heated mittens and booties during manicures and pedicures to soften and smooth skin. Invented “The Natural Nail Transplant® procedure to invisibly repair breaks that last until nails grow out
1971 – Named “First Lady of Nails” by the New York Times, and “Manicurist to the Stars” …created her signature “natural manicure,” known today as the French Manicure
1978 – First to develop a Natural Nail Cultivation System® that analyses the following nail types: Dry, Brittle, Normal, and Damaged and provides solution-based treatments for the health and growth of nails
2010 – Introduced the next generation of soak-off gel products in a bottle called Professional GELeration® Soak-Off Gel System
2014 – Introduced the next evolution in nail polish: Phēnom Polish System
2015 – ZEN SPA Pedicure Relaunch
Today, JESSICA Cosmetics is in over 60 countries worldwide in luxury salons, studios, hotels, health and Wellness spas, as well as in prestige retail and exclusive cosmetic schools.

“Beautiful nails are a must to give a woman complete grace and charm. Your hands are an expression of who you are, therefore well-groomed nails give confidence and power. Every woman will find that the healthy, beautiful results are well worth the time spent on an effective nail-grooming regimen.”

Jessica Vartoughian